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Who is behind ChrisAl Productions?

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Alison Flannery

Alison ("Babs") is the founder of ChrisAl Productions.  She is also the producer, writer, editor, and a lead actress for all of the films.  Acting since the age of four, Babs has received a degree in Theater from the University of Connecticut and attended the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in Manhattan.  She has acted professionally on both the east and west coasts.  Babs also enjoys horseback riding, swimming, and dance.  She is an avid Yankees fan.

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Joan Flannery

Joan is the director for ChrisAl Productions.  She has been directing since childhood. From directing neighborhood plays on her street, Joan went on to direct school plays at the public elementary school where she teaches in Stamford, Connecticut. She earned herself a six-year degree in technology and took her directing skills to a new medium – film. She currently directs with an after-school program called “Hollywood Stars.” To date, Joan has directed over a dozen shorts and three feature-length films. Her films have won awards in the U.S. as well as abroad. Besides film, Joan loves riding horses and Yankees baseball


Jeffrey Richards

Jeffrey is an actor and script supervisor for ChrisAl Productions.  He was the head of the company's first animated feature film, entitled "Snowman Richard."  Jeffrey loves movies, amusement parks, and is also very talented in ceramics.

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